1. Update

    So I know I told you guys just a few weeks ago that I was pregnant and I still am it’s just going to be so hard now that I have school and work. I miss my boyfriend so much he is one of the most romantic person I know and he bought me a body pillow so I can be comfortable when I sleep. I’m so happy that the semester is over and that I kept my 4.0 after all that happened in the last few months. I am a real nerd when it comes to school I like the fact of being crazy busy.

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  2. What’s new

    So yesterday my boyfriend of 2 years got deployed to Afghanistan and I’m so sad but also yesterday we found out that I was going to have a baby and I’m so happy because he wants to star a family I’m so excited for this new adventure we are setting out on just hope that we get married one of these good ol days lol because he is truly the love of my life.

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  3. End of fall break

    So I say goodbye to my fall brake and Hello to finales lol I’m happy but also at the same time I’m ready for  school to be over so I can just relax and work and hang out with my friends and just have fun. I want to have fun in the snow is that is weird to say but I’m ready for snow and just drinking hot chocolate and talk with the family and slow down and just enjoy life before school comes around again

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  4. Let’s take a trip!

    So today I was informed by my employer that I will be taking a trip to Chicago Illinois at 5 pm today and I have to stay there over night until the morning because there are no flights back until 4 in the morning and I thought to myself that I was going to die and not do good on my finales so I guess I’ll be up all night in my hotel room studying jeez this sucks

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  5. Fall break

    I know that fall break is supposed to be fun and relaxing but mine is not that at all. First I had to cook for thanksgiving before I had to leave for new york abd that trip was amazing but it sucked that I only got to see the inside of a hotel and then I have been crazy busy trying to get ready for finals and also having time to date and hang out with my friends and family  jeezz can I get a brake here. But on top of all this I have tons of homework someone shoot me please!

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  6. How my baby uses her ipad

    How my baby uses her ipad

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  7. My future is all to bright to be negative!!

    My future is all to bright to be negative!!

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  8. My Typical College Day!

    So I usually wake up and get my coffee and get in my car and drive in my car till I get to the park and ride station. But today was different because i dropped my coffee on my new white shirt and then my train ugh!!!!

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